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How to Plant a Tree Like a PRO

1) Consider WHY you are planting a tree.......

For shade?

For privacy?

For ecosystem restoration?

2) Consider the site you want to plant the tree on.....

Above/below ground issues?

Enough space for mature growth?

Is the area flat or sloped?

Is the soil over/under saturated?

Are there other trees around?

3) Select an appropriate species.......

Deciduous or Evergreen?

Fall color?

Pollinator friendly?

Fast/slow growing?

4) Dig a hole by hand or use a gas-powered auger....

Should be 3-5x wider than the container or root ball

Depth should be equal to height of container or root ball

Sides of hole should taper slightly up towards the surface

Scratch the sides and pack a small mound in the center

5) Prepare the root ball for planting.......

Position the tree close to the hole

Carefully remove the container OR wire basket & burlap

If roots are encircling carefully cut 1/2 - 1 inch vertically into all 4x sides

If root matted on bottom carefully cut 1/2 - 1 inch 'X' into bottom

6) Place the tree into the hole.......

Splay the 'X' outward and set the tree onto the small mound in the hole

Position the tree upright and facing the direction you choose

Make sure the tree is stable and the trunk flare is at the surface

7) Fill in the hole slowly......

Remove any grass or sod from the dug up soil

Chop the soil until uniform

Fill the hole a few inches at a time packing it down by hand and adding small

amounts of water as you go

Do not bury the trunk flare

8) Top dress the planting hole......

Create a soil berm around the hole to aid in water retention

Overlap the soil berm with natural mulch between 2-4 inches thick tapering down to

the trunk flare, but not touching the tree itself

9) Watering the tree........

Water the tree until the soil is saturated

Amount of water and frequency varies by site and species

If dry add water

If puddling wait to water

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